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World of decorative materials

For over 20 years we are producing cultured stone, brick tiles and decorative wall paints.

Our Premium Products

Boje i lakovi

Decorative wall paints sometimes known as “decorative techniques” are sort of special paints with following characteristics: superior aesthetics and class of “super wash ability”. This group of liquid paints, paste alike materials and mortars are designed to be used for artistic expression in order to produce visually superior, sometimes extravagant but most commonly “classy alike” wall surfaces. Read more

Dekorativna cigla

Brick tiles are designed for both: interior and facade. We are producing three brick tiles patterns: “Rustic”, “German” and “Belgian”, each in following colors: white, yellow, beige, orange, red, brown, grey, olive and black. All of our products are entirely made in accordance with best traditions of fine craftsmanship. Indeed, our brick tiles features appearance, touch, roughness and durability of classic brick.Read more

Dekorativni kamen

Cultured stone have full appearance, touch, roughness and durability of natural stone. It is proven to be ideal for fast mounting, which also leads to cost optimization. We are producing cultured stone in following color patterns: cream, gold, grey, olive, brown and black.Read more

A small manufacturer of Premium Class Products

INOVA, by it’s nature and structure, is a relatively small manufacturer of premium products. We have great experience and are constantly improving our products and introducing new ones.

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Two decades of development

We are proud of our two decades long experience in the field of wall decorative tiles and special decorative wall paints.

Guarantee of durability

Our products are always produced from the finest class of raw materials. This guarantees many decades of durability, no matter the climate conditions.

20+ Years of experience

750+ Satisfied customers

Quality Approvement

For over two decades our clients both domestic and abroad satisfaction is proof of our products quality.