About us

Back in 1991. founder of INOVA company placed his first technical patent.

This can be figured as the real beginning of our long line of innovative manufacturing and business success which has spread to nowadays.

Brief History Of Inova Company

For over 15 years we have focused mostly on high class building decorative products: facade decorative tiles of cultured stone, brick and architectural wall paints.

Our creative team is particularly proud of their decorative wall paints which are usually known as "decorative techniques".

Those special materials are known for their ancient Italian origin and high class of aesthetic. There are only a few, mostly Italian companies which are recognized as a world leaders and most famous brands of decorative wall paints. Just a few, simply because there are lot of secrets in paint composition.

By providence, persistence or simply by luck, we succeed to reach those secrets so, at the moment we are pretending to reach their fame.