Wall paints

Decorative wall paints

A sort of very special architectural paints, designed to produce superb aesthetic, no mater if it is modern and extravagant or "classy" appearance. On the top of high class of aesthetic those special paints are characterized by easy to repair characteristics, even many years later. They are also known for class of "super wash ability" which is, for itself, important for easy and efficient maintenance.

Our Unique Production Process

White enamel

High coverable glossy paint, arctic white. Designed for wood, metal and other substrates.

Clear lacquer

Lak sjaj

Water diluted clear cote, designed for decoration and protection of wood and other substrates. Recognized for its superior characteristics of application.

Super washable wall paint

Super periva

Superior coverage architectural paint, highest class of wash ability.

Washable wall paint


High coverage water diluted matte architectural wall paint with high class of wash ability and great characteristics of application.



Transparent to semi transparent decorative and protective lacquer designed to make ancient look of ordinary architectural paints or to accent relief of decorative plasters, brick and stone tiles.


Classico is outstanding for many ways! It is aesthetically superb, yet not very gaudy, yet in same time glamurous.


Special base coat for application of decorative paints and mortars



Lustro decorative wall paint is, with no doubt, the most popular of all! It is glamorous and easy to apply.

Lustro matte

Identical to "Lustro" with one difference: for it matte surface pearly effect is more delicate and classy.



It is recommended in rooms where high hygiene conditions are required.



It is recommended in rooms where high hygiene conditions are required.



Simmilar to Marmorino with one difference: Travertino decorative plaster have bigger size marble particles. For that reason it is designed to imitate somewhat rougher structures of natural Travertine.


Very fine decorative plaster with special quartz filler.


Very fine decorative plaster with special quartz filler, fine and large particle pearlescent pigments.

We Recommend


Super-washable "Velatura" guarantee easy maintenance, on the top of its superior aesthetics.

In order to get superb aesthetic through high contrast, middle to dark tone Velatura (e.g. beige, brown, black...) have to be applied onto light color wall and vice versa.